• The very thought of head lice has people scratching their heads.  As you read this article, you won’t be able to help the psychosomatic itch that will tempt you to scratch.  So, what is it about these annoying parasites that make people so itchy?  Read on to find out more…

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  • It is unnerving to think about bugs crawling around your scalp without the additional worry of them hiding in the furniture and clothing around your house. In this article we hope to put your fears to rest and address some commonly asked questions about head lice and how they get about.

    First, we will explore the head lice life cycle as this will help us understand how long head lice can live when they are not on a human host.

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  • The mere mention of head lice can get people scratching their heads, and not just as a symptom of head lice! There are a myriad of myths surrounding these pesky little critters and it can often be difficult to sort out the fact from the fiction.

    In this article we aim to challenge 22 myths and misconceptions and set the record straight around head lice.

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  • Most people are of the opinion that head lice are something unique to kids when in fact it can and does affect all ages. Presented with a head lice problem in their child can cause some parents and guardians real anxiety. This anxiety is heightened by the reality that the parent could also catch head lice and transfer them to people at work.

    This would even cause a statue to break out in a cold sweat. Can you imagine the perception of the parent from colleagues who see the head lice, or even worse catch them from the parent?

  • If you’re a parent, you may know how frustrating it can be to deal with head lice. Imagine that frustration magnified because you are struggling to get rid of the little pests only to find out you are dealing with ‘Super Lice’. This article will give you all the information you need to help you feel equipped to eliminate head lice, whether they are ‘super’ or not.

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  • Back to school can be an exciting time for both kids and parents.  Preparing for a new school term starts with so many new things: new stationary, new shoes, new clothes, new hair style, and may be even new classmates.  One thing parents and kids don’t prepare for when going back to school is bringing home head lice and nits.

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  • Head lice are a common problem, primarily affecting school-aged children and their families. If you have found head lice affecting someone in your family, you may be wondering how do you get head lice? In this article we will explore how these annoying critters move from child to child and family to family.

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  • Head lice and dandruff are two common conditions that affect the scalp. When checking for head lice sometimes nits can be confused with flakes of dandruff because of their similar appearance. So, how do you tell the difference between nits and dandruff?

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  • The thought that you or your child may have head lice can be unsettling. The slightest hint of itching of scratching may leave you suspecting a possible infestation. However, you will soon discover that itching is not always the most reliable way to know if there is head lice present. So, what other signs and symptoms will let you know you have head lice?

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  • It can be an unsettling experience for a parent to find out that their child has head lice. Even the mere mention of head lice will have people scratching their heads. So, what steps should you take if you’ve found a live louse (or full infestation) on your child’s head?

    7 steps to deal with head lice

    The experts here at Lyclear have come up with a 7 step plan to get the situation under control and deal with the issue swiftly.

    1. Remain calm

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